My beautiful fucking people. I’ve discovered something. Something that might change the muthafuckin’ ballgame. I’m going to launch a Patreon. Somewhere you can scope my stuff and somewhere I can get paid to keep making it. AND now somewhere I can send you my Art as a thank you for supporting my artistic endeavors.

If there is anything in this world I FUCKING hate…it’s money and asking people for it.
conversely (contrariwise)
If there is anything on this earth that I LOVE and will continue to LOVE and will keep loving until it kills me. It’s art. Muthafuckin’ art. Dancing, Music, Painting, Drawing, and Storytelling.

Which is why I am going to launch a Patreon. Combining the things I LOVE and HATE to create this weird balance of Light and Dark to support the only thing on this world I was put to do. Fuckin’ create shit. (There has been a disturbance in the force for some time now…a balance had been lost…and now was fuckin’ found…or whatthefuckever)

Creative people have been using this site for a few years now and have actually been able to support themselves through their art by doing so.

I’m planning for a slow start. BUT this will not deter me from putting my shit ON THE FUCKING GRID (that concept will be explored upon in the next post, btw, I just had to get this off my chest and make an announcement {Also also finishing a piece of writing [something I haven’t done for a minute] is very therapeutic, also within this exact realm…or whatever}
I think that’s it. This means I’ll be on Tweeter more (*some voice in the background* wait…wait, what? it’s it’s called tweet…tweet? Twitter? gawd that’s fuckin’ stupid) Twitter, excuse me, I’ll be tweeting on Twitter MEANING I’ll be using my twitter handle which is my stage/pen name…wait for it..
Killian C. Wolfe…how cool is that? I came up with it myself…mostly
Once I build my page thoroughly and completely, I will make anotheranother announcement. Put that muthahfuckin internet to work for me.

til then,
stay fuckin’ wild, beautiful people,


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