Fuck man. (said the white male) prepare yourselves. I might say things that not a lot of people agree with. (Was I ever one to say the agreeable thing? I think not.) This is simply a rant to show where I’m coming from. (If anyone cares) I know of maybe 3 people that actually might.

I’m proud. I’m proud to be affiliated with beautiful people who are decisive, and know what they believe in. I’m proud to know people who will fight for what they believe in through peaceful demonstrations such as organized marches. I will be honest, I’m not entirely sure what all the beauties are marching for/against/to who are involved with the Women’s March today (said the white male), but I know that it is a good thing.

As a white male, and a white male who is very much aware of the privilege that that lack of melanin bestows upon him (which is stoopid, I know). I, of course, feel I have nothing to march for/against or /to or either and/or all (huzzah for superfluous wordage!) I could cruise down to Downtown L.A. brave the traffic. Brave the crowd. And stand in solidarity with mah people, but to me. It’s noise. True, there are good things that come from demonstrating the ability of the people to rise up against tyranny (because that, I believe, is the sentiment and passion currently) but, ugh, ok, I’m gonna say it…

I don’t understand what the big deal is? (said the while male) If one of my beautiful people (preferably a female) can tell me, I will gladly listen. If my pale, gender assignment & identity didn’t keep me ignorant, this rant wouldn’t exist. A the honest truth is, I do not see what the big deal is. I understand that the man who has become the president of the United States is a sack of…

Alright. I’ve completely lost the purpose of this rant. And maybe none of it matters because, we all experience life. The pleasure, the pain, delicious sunsets, replenishing cups of morning coffee, rainstorms in the desert, the smells, the flavors, the laughs, the feelings…
We experience being human, and then we fuckin’ die. That’s the long and the short of it. I’m gonna say my piece and do something productive, like write fiction or some shit. ehkay, here it goes…

It FEELS, to me, the offended white man, that the majority is scared. No, it doesn’t even feel like that. That’s what it is. People are terrified.

What I want to say is ‘fear not.’ You cannot live in fear. I understand that that is what the rallies and the protests and the marches are for, but I want you to actually feel it.

FEAR NOT. Do not live in fear of the higher power, continue on, live, find beauty, stand up for what’s right. Find your courage, and I will be here. Standing with you. I will be watching.

I, myself, do not believe in raising my voice to be heard in the rabble of all others. I believe, and always have believed that actions speak louder than words.

I believe in justice, I believe in retribution, I believe in vindication
I!…I!…I sound like a crazy person…

I believe that if it comes down to it, and the thread of American existence is threatened due to the choices of a political regime, I will stand against those choices for the people. And to preserve the American way of life.

I will remain vigilant in the shadows until it is my time to come forth from where I watch and take those who are frightened and put them behind me. I will stand between your life and those who threaten it. I will stand between you and what terrifies you to the core.

I won’t march. I won’t protest. I won’t be heard. Not until I need to be. And, my friends, I will know when I need to be heard. When the time comes, I will lead that revolution. You will be find me on those front lines. When we need to physically fight, or be overcome.

I stand against that tidal wave. I’ll face that demon. When it comes, I’ll face it.

Cheers Beautiful People,



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