Untitled Blah (Episode I)

Never in the history of calming down has anyone EVER calmed down, after being told too calm down.
Gotta be honest, this post was gonna be another “hey look I’m freakingthefuck out right now and I want you guys to know about it so that I feel like I’m not alone in my misery…”
…kinda thing
But naw, fuck that, I’m so sick of depressing shit, there’s too much of it going around. So there. That’s that. And I don’t wanna bitch about the state of the world either. Although recently I have wished, on more than one occasion, that the internet was not a thing (he says as he continues to type on his personal platform he specifically refers to as “his corner of the interwebs”)
I get it. Whatever.
Now that we’ve gotten THAT outta the way let’s rant about something sexier. Because, dammit 100 percent of what I write is supposed to elicit (not “illicit” by the way TOTALLY had to look that one up. shut up.)

So, this one time, on the internet, I wrote a rant about being an asshole and about how I know for a fact that I am one. A lotta people I tell that to don’t like that I say that about myself. It’s ok, I’m thankful for your consideration, HOWEVER, it’s true. But lemme put it in perspective.

Have you ever met that douchebag who has his own fuckin’ pity party to the tune of “ooohh weellll I don’t understand, I mean, I’m such a nice guy. I love girls, they just don’t like me.”

uuuugggggggghhhhhhh shut. the. fuck. up.
These are the same mutherfuckers sending unsolicited dick pics cuz they think THAT’s any better.
Any and Every dude, who proclaims publicly that he’s a “nice guy” usually ends up getting kicked out of the bar because he’s the creepiest of mutherfuckers.
You see the thing about a gentleman, is that he knows, explicitly when NOT to be one.
Think about THAT. Ha!
The same concept goes for those who claim to to be “alpha.” Out of context. There’s a lot that goes into that idea that I don’t really wanna cover right now. All I can say is go look up the hashtag(#) “alphaaf” on your favorite social networking feed.
Bloodyfuckinghell I hate the internet. (says the writer as he continues blabbing in his own little corner)

I should probably stop or I’m gonna bum myself out. Just for now, anyway. Oh, no, don’t fret, I’ll come up with something else even sexier to rant about next time (is sex the only thing that sells anything…ever?) That’s boring as fuck. Oh well.

Alright, I’m over it, what were we talking about? Anything? no, no not really. I’ve been thinking, though. (I know. Dangerous. I LIVE MY LIFE ON THE FUCKIN’ EDGE)…
outbursts do not aid in the thought process…ummmm. Thinking…maybe…the fuck was I thinking abou–OH YEAH so I’ve been thinking about if whether I want to narrow the direction of this blog or if I want to maintain it as the stream-of-consciousness-limitless-blab-that-it-is. And the answer is!!!…

Yes, have some.
No, that’s not quite the answer. The answer was gonna be yes, but I’m not sure if the effort of researching topics or whatthefuckever would be worth it. So for all you readers out there who actually read my beautiful, snarky garbage. I salute you. You will continue to do so, and while some of it might bring certain points up for you to ponder and other…uh…of it…will make you laugh, none of it will make any sense.
You will be afforded the opportunity to read everything that I write with my voice in mind and if, by some miracle you’re a completely random person who has, by alignment of the stars, swooped upon my material…I dunno…make it up. (I probably sound sexier in your head than I do in real life, I think my voice is goofy). Anyways, that’s all I have for now.
If you’d like to read stuff that I actually put effort into, check out my page on Wattpad which is like the Youtube for readers and writers. the name is KCWolfe30 (it’s my stage name,  I have a stage name now, stage names are cool) and drop me a line on there, or like tell me if my stuff that I think isn’t rubbish is, in fact, rubbish. I’ll be grateful.

Cheers, beautiful people,


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