I will preface this by saying a couple things. Cuz shit’s about to get real and I’m not sorry about it. I’m gonna try to cover all my bases here whilst maintaining the openly “less-of-a-shit-giving” attitude that I’ve come to…to…to…FUCK…gimme a second…this intro was gonna be epic as FUCK then I FUCKING blanked on the proper word. Either way, what I’m TRYING to say is something that I feel very strongly about is not any reason to hold back my feelings for the sake of hurting someone else…

…jeezus, that doesn’t make ANY fuckin sense. Let’s try that again shall we? I have very strong feelings about rape and rapists and how they should be handled. Let’s just say, were I The Punisher. I wouldn’t target cartels and gangs first. Fortunately, for all those mutherfuckers, I’m not The Punisher. Unfortunately for those mutherfuckers, if I am presented with the opportunity to prevent a rape, I will not be calling the cops until after I’ve had a say…(use your imagination).  I’m sure there are threads about what EVERYONE would do if they had the opportunity, how they would kick his teeth in blahblahblahblah “vigilante justice” blahblahblahblah “feed him to the pigs” “if it were MY daughter/sister/friend”…but would they? Would they taint their souls with that darkness?

I would…

That was darker than anticipated…maybe it should’ve gone in my journal. Oh well. That being said, lets change gears, cuz I’m tired of being ominous. Onto the sexy stuff…


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